Without A Wall, is a small project studio located in Ottawa, Ontario. Our goal is not necessarily to produce “radio ready” recordings, rather to provide the community with another space for music to grow and develop; as well as a place to foster connections. The studio environment is a cozy space aimed at aspiring musicians looking get some ideas down without having to break the bank or needing access to the worlds greatest gear. With that said, we do offer a wide selection of professional tools and plugins for in the box mixing from very large companies such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Waves, IK, etc. We also have a reasonable selection of intermediate level hardware, some which you will see in professional venues, studios and recordings.

The plan for the studio was devised by Across the Median’s Jared Thomson, understanding that not all musicians have the same access to the tools or expertise they would like. Jared graduated Algonquin College’s part-time Digital Music Production program in the spring of 2015 after deciding to further fifteen years of playing, and recording with some classroom education. Previous to this, Jared worked in broadcast radio, information technology.

Without A Wall invites you to get in contact with us to find out if we are the right place for you.

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