Designed for studio use, the RA amplifier incorporates advanced convection cooling for outstanding heat dissipation. The result is long, stable operation that is unaffected by heat-related complications, devoid of the noise of fan-cooling.

The HT Club has two channels, each equipped with two voicing modes to craft your tone. The Clean channel has Boutique and Modern voicing modes, as well as a Tone control. The Boutique mode mimics a “Class A” power amp with increased middle and top end, and can be over driven at higher volume settings. The Modern mode has a tighter sound with greater bass response and clean headroom, more akin to a “Class AB” power section. For additional distorted sounds, the Overdrive channel has its own traditional tone stack consisting of Bass, Middle, and Treble controls, as well as dual voicing modes. When the Voice switch is in the “out” position, the overdrive takes on a classic crunchy tonality with a tight response. Press the Voice switch in, and the amp will apply more mid-band gain, adding more body for a smoother sound with a looser response.

The Solid State Traynor DynaBass DynaBass 200 and DynaBass 200T deliver the perfect balance between power, performance and size. Built for the working musician, these 200 watt solid state combos offer a feature set designed to be simple to use yet highly versatile.
Ideal for any playing style, these 200 watt combos easily handle any vintage or modern acoustic or electric bass with passive and active instrument level 1/4-inch inputs. Available in either 1×15 and tweeter (DynaBass 200) or 2×10-inch and tweeter (DynaBass 200T) configurations, there is truly a version perfectly suited to every player.

GTX combo amps dissect tones with multi-layer effect contours designed for the most technically and sonically demanding players. Featuring intricately intertwining and infinitely variable settings on a brushed aluminum faceplate, GTX cuts like a scalpel to that hard-to-replicate sound. In rehearsal, recording, or performance”if technical accuracy or effects mastery is paramount, the “Tech Effects” series is indispensable.

My little buddy, the Washburn “Bad Dog” BD8; serves a purpose you can easily crank it up all the way and get a very usable natural distortion without having to lug around a 1×12 cab.

30 W bass amp, same reason I have the BD8 above, you can turn it up and let the groove flow.

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